Last Saturday, I had the chance to visit Noriter, a Korean-inspired cafe located in Taft Avenue just across La Salle.

"Noriter" is the korean romaji term for the word Playground and I can say that it is indeed a playground! For artists mostly since the interiors of the cafe are filled with artworks in the traditional medium. If you appreciate art, you'd surely appreciate this cafe!

There are paper cups displayed creatively all around the cafe. These paper cups are decorated with drawings and sketches which include those done by the cafe's customers themselves.

Here are some of the examples of the featured creative cup work. There were a lot to see!

It was an arduous day so I treated myself a yummy meal! I ordered Cookies & Cream Frapuccino along with the delicious-sounding "Noriter Toast Honey Bread". I was expecting one plate of that Noriter toast goodness only to find out that I actually ordered two! I mean "Noriter Toast" and "Honey Bread" are actually two different meals! Haha silly me, so much for my stupidity. #bobolang

Well anyway, I have a friend with me so she helped me finish my accidental order. She had Strawberry smoothies and Banana Cinammon Bread for herself.

Another interesting thing about this cafe is that practically every wall is a freedom of expression wall. Yes you can write on some corners. Even on the wooden floors. However there's limitation to the vandalism too so it's better to ask the staff first.

Also, see those platfroms above? Yes you can dine on those cool patforms where you get to sit comfortably with your friends. You have to remove your footwear first though... so very Asian :)

If you're as into cute places as I am, then I'm sure you're going to love it here
This place definitely delivers a different kind of dining experience. ♥

Café Noriter
2nd Flr. Reyes Bldg., Estrada St. Cor. Taft Ave. Manila, Philippines
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