Food Truck Park | Manila

Food trucks are not new in the streets of Manila. A known group, the Metro Manila Food Truck Association, parked its first Food Truck last September 13, 2013 at Capitol Commons, Ortigas.

Though our food truck culture may be miles away from being as huge and diverse as that of the US, food trucks are a welcome sight to every adventurous food-loving Pinoy. Eventually, the food trucks moved out of Capitol Commons and worked their way down South. (lucky me! :D)

My brother, her girlfriend, and I planned to fill our stomachs with the immensity of food choices in the food trucks. Unfortunately, there was an unplanned mini family gathering (more, more FOODS), to put everything into simple words, we headed to the food trucks with filled stomach (burp!) Which is like going a movie house to watch a movie you've already watched. (Boo!)
Nevertheless, we got to enjoy ourselves as we take a good look around the food trucks.

One of the things that the residents of the South love about our place is its laid-back, refreshing ambiance. There weren't too many buildings, too many vehicles, and there were lots of trees and parks. It's usually peaceful and away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila.

That night, I felt how true it is and I enjoyed the easygoing and peaceful atmosphere while walking around the food trucks.

 The food trucks include delectable choices such as Kuyang, Shawarma Bros, Mio Gelati, Amazing Cone, Ser Chef's, Cheese Steak Shop Manila,Truck Bun and Big Bite Avenue. Trucks that weren't there were Hungry Rover, and Mexikombi 

We tried Chicken karaage and Calamansi Iced Tea from Jasper's House of Chicken, Two Thumbs Up! :D 

  Our sweet ending at food truck park... it's Gelato time! 

Tip: The food is quite pricey, but still a far cry from what you’ll pay if you are dining in a restaurant. :D

 For more information and schedule, visit the Food Truck Park Facebook page. Happy Eating! :D 


  1. nice! haha chicken karaage looks very familiar sa streets of Manila lol kulit lang XD

    1. a.k.a chicken skin :D pero masarap sya! :D

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