Kat's Café

The beginning of 2014 was a busy time for me, with all those heaps of deadlines of reports at work. It was definitely a great start for me though. However, it took me a long time before I visit a new cafe. 

And for this year, Kat's Café is my first feature. 

For my after-work activity, which is actually only an extension of my work (haha punch me please), I went to Kat's Cafe late in the evening with my colleague Steph. What did we do? We made an infograph for our senior's presentation which will happen next week. So we were like nurses-slash-feeling-artists that night. Haha, and since both of us like to enter cafes we've never been to before, we decided to head to Kat's Cafe in BF Resort Las Piñas which is just around the neighborhood.

Nice clock huh :) It's always 4:28 in this cafe by the way.

Here's a cool comfortable spot, with books :)

The interiors are filled with cute figures. The cool border at the top is my favorite. 


My belgian chocolate drink. It's great :)

Here's Steph's dark mocha!
It has a really nice presentation though :) 

TWG tea's are available for Php 130

The photos above were taken from one side of the cafe only. Unfortunately we weren't able to enter the other side, its expansion, which houses the cupcakes and more cool interiors. The cafe closes at 10 pm (on weekdays) and since we went there at 8pm-ish, there wasn't enough time to go around because we were sort of busy taking pictures finishing our work. 

People are saying their cream puffs are great. I haven't had the chance to try them though, perhaps next time I will.

If you think Starbucks is too crowded for your comfort and you live just around the corner, Kat's Cafe is definitely a good place for some coffee. 

Kat's Café
DJMA Commercial Abel Nosce St. BF Resort Village, Las Piñas City, Philippines
+63(2)8720263; 0915-362-7582


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