Quezon | Puting Buhangin & Kwebang Lampas

I didn’t imagine a pristine white beach exist in Pagbilao, Quezon until I’ve been to Puting Buhangin. Puting Buhangin is located in southwestern part of Pagbilao Grande Island in Pagbilao, Quezon. It literally means white sand and it boasts the crystalline water that surrounds it. It also called Lukang Beach by some locals named after its owner.

I didn’t expect to be captivated completely by this beach, it was like finding a secret, undiscovered paradise.

Team Energy Power Plant 

Kwebang Lampas is a unique cave by the sea. It is just a small cave that has an opening near the shoreline and another one leading to the open water. (I felt bad that there were vandalism inside the cave! Tsk)

 The attack of the Jellies! Beware of those stinging jellies! :)

The island are yours, just bring your tent, food and drinks, your friends and an adventurous attitude and it will surely be one of the weekends you won’t forget.

I would definitely recommend and go back to this beautiful place! If you are in dire need of a quick and budget-friendly getaway, Puting Buhangin & Kwebang Lampas is a must visit.Two thumbs up to this hidden getaway.

Thank you Tita Elvira, Tito Lorenz and James Arriola for the great and warm accommodation. Sa uulitin po :)

 It’s the people you’re with that makes a trip enjoyable. It's quick but superb weekend guys, Till our next adventure!


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