Extraordinary | Batanes 2014

Batanes has always been in my bucketlist, it is always sat on the top of my dream local destinations, until one day tadaaa! :) With travel buddy Steph, we visited the beautiful island province in the northernmost part of the Philippines, BATANES! I expected so much before going there and I tell you, Batanes did not disappoint me. Exceeded, expectations and should be a must see for anyone who loves nature. There are no absolutely no words to describe Batanes! 

Batanes is a small island in the northernmost part of the Philippines, and thus it is awesome how it brings such rich experience to all those who visit. It has ten islands and only the biggest three are inhabited namely Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat. Basco is the capital of Batanes and is in the island of Batan. It is where the airport is, as well as most places that will remind you of human civilization. 


The cost of airfare to Batanes is generally more expensive than other local destinations and even a handful of international destinations because there are limited flights to the island. But with timing and perseverance, one can get to fly to Batanes at a bargain! :) 

Batanes is truly a breathtaking place. With its rolling hills, steep cliffs and boulder-lined shores, it was like walking up to a dream or a different country. I had to constantly remind myself we were still in the Philippines. The whole experience was just unreal. It was so picturesque and quaint! 
Mt. Carmel Chapel (Tukon Chapel) 

Idjang fortress

Inside the WWII Dipnaysupuan Japanese tunnel/hideout

You can’t miss this Valugan Boulder Beach offers a unique stretch of boulders and rocks came from Mt. Iraya and this picturesque beach is facing the humbling Pacific Ocean.

Vayang Rolling Hills. The hills are alive! You'd see cows grazing along the steep slopes, which is an iconic image of Batanes.

Hello there Mt. Iraya! I'll be definitely back for you! 

Basco Lighthouse in Naidi Hills. This offered an amazing sunset view!

Very near the Basco Lighthouse is Bunker’s Cafe Restaurant. This was an American bunker during World War II, and now it is a restaurant that serves Ivatan and Tagalog cuisine. It's open during dinner and reservation is required. 

Day 2 is dedicated to visit the Island of Sabtang. It is one of the three inhabited islands of Batanes province and requires you to ride a Faluwa. It is a local "banca" that does not have "katig" or the outrigger of the boat.

You've never been to Batanes if you don't make the trip to Sabtang Island.

In Sabtang, you get to visit the traditional villages of Savidug and Chavayan. These barangays remain mostly untouched and take you back in time when life is so simple. I hope the locals keep their village and way of life the way it is.

Another favorite of mine is Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint. I might really be just the type who is easily impressed when it comes to nature, especially when you are presented with God's creation. 

Photo courtesy: Steph 

Photo Courtesy Ms Brenda Brocal

Mahayaw Natural Arc Formation

Another must-see destination in Batanes: Nakabuang Beach.

Photo courtesy: Ms. Brenda Brocal 

Malakdang Lighthouse

Coconut Crab + Lobster = Happy tummy!

 Fundacion Pacita

The great thing about Batanes is that there are so many scenic views right by the side of the road. Images of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit flashed through my mind Their coastal roads are the most scenic I’ve seen in the country and you can’t help but just want to stop  to take photos and admire the view.

Chawa View Deck. Picturesque cliffs and sound of the sea waves hitting the stone walls. We decided to to go down from the view deck to witness more.

Mahatao Boat Shelter Port, a small port where small fishing vessels, and motorboats dock during bad weather.

San Carlos Borromeo Church in Mahatao.

Tayid Lighthouse is one of my favorite sights in Batanes.


Racuh-a-Payaman commonly known as Marlboro Country, one of the best view of Batanes. One could stay here the whole day just thinking about nothing, savor the scenery and pass the time away.

Alapad Rock Formation provide another  stunning view  of the sea and the huge rock formation.

The famous Honesty Coffee Shop you just choose what to buy write it down the logbook and drop your payment.This is a must-see in Batanes! This coffee shop proves that honesty is remains the best policy.

The vakul is their headgear made out of abaca fiber and protects them from sun and rain. You can try to be local for only P20. Tadaaa! The Ivatans wannabes.

House of Estrella, or more popularly known as the House of Dakay. The oldest surviving house in Ivana, and the most photographed house in Batanes. 

Indeed, this trip was extraordinary,I fell in love with the culture and the simplicity of its people. This trip allowed me to come to know of a place where one can feel safe any time of day, away from the worries and dangers of our present time. I have found a place where the goodness of its people outweighs the goodness of any of its tourist attractions. This trip made me believe again that there still exists a place where there is genuine happiness despite living in simplicity, where honesty is apparently not a lonely word at all, and where all good things don’t really come to an end.  

The No Other Man in Batanes, Kuya Ryan Cardona, Dios Mamajes Kuya Ry! And to Mr. Romy Daroca who served our tour guide in our last day of tour.

Group picture! Meeting new people it's a worth the trip! 

One of so my many fave photo with Steph! To more (mis)adventures ahead! :)

In every turn is a view that feeds your eyes with God's goodness.I can’t help but thank God for His marvelous works. Ang galing mo talaga LORD!

The pictures will never suffice to describe the place. Indeed, it is so easy to find beauty in this province. By now, I can safely say that Batanes has captured my heart, everything was worth it, you instilled in me that there will always be a ton of reasons to visit a place beyond its sights. 


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  1. NAtutuwa ako sa Savidug and Chavayan. hmmm Parang elemental na lugar.. hehe.

    Anong airline ka nakakuha ng ticket? Shet, want ko icelebrate ang birth month ko dito. NAghahanap na ako ticket now pa lang.

    You have wonderful shots. Parang totoo nga na every turn there's something you can capture.

  2. Thank you! :) PAL express check mo din skyjet. Every turn po talaga is picturesque! Goodluck and Advance happy birthday!