Zambales | Crystal Beach Resort

Jumpstarting my 2015 was an unplanned trip to the beach! The original plan was a hike to a mountain, but the weather was unwilling so we had to change our plans. And thankfully, Crystal Beach Resort was waiting to give us a fun-filled weekend at the beach. :)

Crystal Beach is located in the town of San Narciso in Zambales, a 4 hour drive from Manila. The beach is known for its waves, making it a hotspot for surfers, beginners and experts alike. What's more interesting in Crystal Beach is that it's not just a paradise for surfers but for beach bummers as well because of the resort's amenities.

The resort offers rooms/cottages but they also allow customers to pitch their tents for a more affordable price.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to try surfing. But I surely will, one of these days. :)

Since di kami nakapagsurf, nagswimming na lang kami. But the waves were too strong! Kaya nang nag swim kami... boom... anong swimming? pinaglaruan lang namin ang waves haha! (or kami yata pinaglaruan ng waves lol)

We may not had been able to go surfing but we spent our time playing volleyball.
Nakakamiss talaga! Playing it again with friends felt so great!

Presenting to you guys... the La Salle Blue Eagles! :p

 P.S. We're recruiting members!

A trip as spontaneous as this will be filled with lots of fun and laughter as long as you're with people you're comfortable with. :D

And thanks to Him for always guiding us in our adventures. And I know He will be there in my future journeys.
Lord, the best Ka talaga and forever will I appreciate all the wonders You let my sight behold.

My favorite part of the day.
Some people may find sunsets melancholic but it's a completely different case for me. I always find the golden rays of the setting sun an absolute beauty and I will never get tired of it.

Crystal Beach Resort
San Narciso, Zambales


  1. More than your awesome review, I loved your shots! :) Thanks for sharing!

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